about me!!!

i am ZiM!!! and this website is his greatest creation!!!
(anyone on this page referred to in 3rd person is me)
i am an adult!!!
she is gay & dating the love of her life!!!
the pronouns are he/they/she & ze/zim
pronouny & more about what i id as
i'm also nonhuman lol
i don't really use social media anymore but i'm on twitter, instagram and animal jam!
this mf is autistic and disabled!
i don't use tone tags until asked either
don't use tone tags when talking to ZiM, it's infantilizing and gets on my nerves sometimes, i'll ask if i need something clarified!
my interests!
i really love sonic, video games, half-life, danganronpa, hlvrai, jjba, radio tv solutions, invader zim, birds, portal, 2000s/early internet and coding!
it should be very obvious that i'm very proud of this website, ZiM's worked (and will continue to work) very hard on it
there are many surprises & encounters hidden throughout his site,
i sometimes update & tweak things so be sure to check up on my pages often!


just don't be a freak

standard dni criteria:
against gnc nonbinary people/neopronouns and xenogenders
exclusionist/TERF, etc etc

if i need something tagged i will tell you myself, publicly keeping a list of triggers is unsafe lol

i am an adult. i am not going to interact with you on my own pages if you're under 16, so if you're a minor PLEASE don't be fucking weird around/to me or you'll be blocked