i don't take kinning THAT seriously i don't mind doubles for the most part

my IDS are invader zim (IZ), jotaro kujo (JJBA), barry ill (sparklecare), benrey (HLVRAI) and GLaDOS (portal)

i'm only comfortable with doubles for these if we're close
(excluding benrey, benrey kins can kiss me on the mouth)

my kins are kusuo saiki (TDLOSK), nick (L4D2), byakuya togami (danganronpa), eyeless jack (creepypasta), doug rattmann (portal), rhys strongfork (TFTBL), sal fisher (sally face), snap (chalkzone)
doubles pspspsps come here i give you kiss

my lower kins are stickfigureblue.exe (animator vs. animation/minecraft), 6 (shane acker's 9), lenore lynchfast (LTCLDG), ika musume (squid girl), popuko (PTE), legosi (beastars), clancy gilroy (midnight gospel), robot jones (WHTRJ?), and mr. kat (KVK)
doubles get hamon kiss