i am ZIM!!! and this website is my greatest creation!!!
a few things about me:
i am 18 and not human! i'm a silly little cartoon alien!
i am male/nb & mlm/nblm
my pronouns are he/they, ze/zim and xe/xen
bitching about me using neopronouns gets you a hard block, idgaf & i'm not here to entertain anyone's gender insecurity being projected onto me

it should be very obvious that i'm very proud of this website, i've worked (and will continue to work) very hard on it
there are many surprises hidden throughout my site,
i constantly update & tweak things so be sure to check up on my pages if you're interested in watching it evolve!

i'm mentally ill & physically disabled & traumatized, it shouldn't be a surprise that i have a hard time talking to new people and holding up converstations well
i also struggle to post often but it doesn't mean that i'm upset obviously, i'm not very keen on being percieved outside of my website

i draw sometimes! i don't post my art often but it can be found
i also have a blog about my fixations here!

my fixations tend to change a lot, but i have a lot of interests!
currently i really like hlvrai, jjba, radio tv solutions, invader zim, birds (parrots, specifically), portal, 2000s/early internet and coding!

this one's more important, if you're here from instagram and are interested in following me, the password is "bloody gir"! i prefer you send it so that i know you've at least read this page, i am a naturally wary person so i don't tend to accept follow requests unless i already know who you are